Plutocratic Communism Runs America

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Keep Right – Column by Ralph K. Ginorio

Ironically, today’s most ardent communists-by-any-other-name are among our most wealthy elites. In the United States and throughout the West, these plutocrats drive programs that are meant to erase the vibrant colorblind meritocracy which is freedom. In place of our birthright of liberty, they promise a well-managed utopia.

What our ancestors bequeathed us in the US, and in the broader Western world, was a society where we would each be judged by the quality of our words and actions. In 2,000 years, this best of all possible worlds developed because it is fundamentally fair.

Today’s plutocratic communists, instead, fixate upon unchosen birth characteristics such as one’s race or sex, and (as they will never tire of proclaiming) one’s sexual orientation. As in medieval times, in their utopia, we are each born into our role.

This seems incomprehensible. Why would our most monetarily successful people be so hostile to the very freedoms that made their fortunes possible?

Tragically, the critical mass of today’s wealth was produced by people who are long dead. Instead of being self-made, and independently creative go-getters, most contemporary plutocrats have inherited their largesse. These lesser scions are often wracked by resentment or guilt over their ancestors’ achievements.

Even current self-made men like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, have become creatures of the corporate culture that their success created. Because of their quick achievements in the tech industry, today’s rags-to-riches success stories never had to shepherd a business through decades of slow growth.

Unlike America’s so-called robber barons of 100 to 150 years ago, contemporary tech moguls never had to develop the indefatigable discipline that made the fortunes of Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford. With all of their flaws, those entrepreneurs were genuine practitioners of economic freedom.

Today, there is no such clarity of vision among our business leaders. Instead of the common sense of practical, lived experience, our plutocrats rely upon the theoretical expertise of a class of expert specialists.

Contemporary university training for such experts involves each promising young person being subjected to a true harrowing. Ambitious individuals quickly learn to bridle their tongues and shackle their thoughts to conform themselves to the intellectual straight-jacket of political correctness. Academe is the spawning ground of today’s woke corporate culture.

It makes absolute sense that the most adaptable and successful products of this indoctrination would form a vanguard for a new Communist revolution. These apparatchiks have been entrusted with vast power over corporate entities that they could never have built themselves.

It is an unfortunate rule of business that creative innovators are almost always supplanted by Masters of Business Administration, whenever their enterprise exceeds a certain size. When businesses are no longer small, the money-men take over from the idea-men.

It is these very money-men, the class of professional administrators, who hunger the most to steal away our spontaneity, our bold and untrammeled freedom of choice. The old model of the free market versus Communism no longer applies. Communists-by-any-other-name run our most prominent corporations.

Genuine entrepreneurs serve us all with their innovation; “us all” being every customer. Today’s plutocrat-communists serve their cultic ideology of diversity-equity-inclusion (DEI) at the expense of customers and of our wider society.

Authentic business leaders serve their stockholders by improving the value of their business. Today’s college-indoctrinated managers serve environmental-social-government (ESG) imperatives, as dictated by an international class of financiers such as Klaus Schwab and George Soros.

To the extent that self-interest motivates these zealots, it is a fear of real creativity and unpredictable freedom. They preside over institutions that have become too large to innovate and too unwieldy to adapt themselves to a dynamic unfettered marketplace.

By aligning themselves with political hacks and nomenklatura, they acquire the help of friendly government regulators who will stifle that spark of effervescent imagination which is at the heart of all real creativity. Mediocrity is shielded from true competition, so long as its avatars adhere to the party line.

As ever, free citizens with middle class values are left to carry the burdens of preserving freedom.