Governor Little Vetoes Bill That Prevents Children From Accessing Books Deemed “Harmful to Minors”

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If you’ve already seen the kinds of books available to minors in local libraries, you’ll realize there’s a real problem. This afternoon Governor Brad Little just vetoed House Bill 314 (HB 314) that would have addressed this problem.

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  • The bill would have allowed parents to claim $2,500 in statutory damages for each instance a book like this was “checked out” by their children.
  • Governor Little justified his veto saying, “This legislation makes sweeping, blanket assumptions on materials that could be determined as ‘harmful to minors’ in a local library.” Little alluded that HB 314 could function as a “bounty system” that could be abused and have unforeseen effects on taxpayers who would ultimately foot the bill for infractions.
  • The recent vote in the House for HB 314 was 5 short of two-thirds majority (not veto-proof).
  • House leadership is expected to override the veto tomorrow morning.
  • Idaho Family Policy Center (IFPC) has already launched an online petition that calls on Idaho legislators to override Little’s veto.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little vetoes bill to create ‘bounty’ on libraries

An Idaho bill opening libraries to lawsuits for distributing material considered “harmful” stumbled before clearing its final hurdle.