Brooke Baggett chats with attendees of A Merry and Mindful Marketplace event on Saturday, December 9, 2023, in Hayden, Idaho.

Brooke Baggett: A Woman of Art, Science, and Freedom Politics

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Brooke Baggett, D.Ac. (Doctor of Acupuncture), is a woman of unique talents, and she is already making a name for herself in dynamic arenas that rarely overlap in today’s culture — art, science, and freedom politics.

Baggett moved to Kootenai County three years ago from the Bay Area in California, where she was born. “I watched it deteriorate, and really didn’t want to have my kids raised there … We started making a plan, and when the coronavirus came, it really interrupted our moving plans,” Baggett shared during an exclusive interview with Kootenai Journal. “[Brad] Little only had the state closed for a couple months. As soon as it was open again, we came out and found our way.”

When asked why her family chose to move to North Idaho, Baggett replied, “I was searching for something that was going to be freedom oriented. I wanted something that had the kind of alignment to my values, and it was very clear that this is where we wanted to be.”

Due to her move into a new house with endless white walls, Baggett leapt into the world of acrylic painting in order to decorate her home. She found acrylic painting to be “very fulfilling and nourishing,” so she joined the Coeur d’Alene Art Association. Her work was an instant success, earning the association’s 2022 Artist of the Year award after participating in several shows and selling numerous paintings.

Baggett’s latest work, Soneva Fushi, features a technique she calls back-lit stone, which is a new phase that she says, “I’m really loving and obsessed with right now.” Blues are inarguably her favorite color palette; however, two of her paintings which sold during A Merry and Mindful Marketplace event on Saturday, November 9, 2023, were pink palettes.

Brooke Baggett shares her latest painting, Soneva Fushi, (right) at A Merry and Mindful Marketplace event on Saturday, November 9, 2023, at the Atrium professional building in Hayden.

As a doctor of acupuncture, Baggett brings pain relief to suffering patients. “I saw how profound the pain relief could be, with someone who was well trained,” Baggett responded when asked why she chose to practice the ancient healing technique. She says the use of a new technique in the last five years has allowed her to provide 60-90 percent reduction of pain within minutes to her patients.

She came to the practice of acupuncture by witnessing her grandmother’s journey through the medical paradigm, having multiple surgeries that did not provide the desired relief. Baggett discovered, and interned with, a sixth-generation acupuncturist as she learned the healing science.

Additionally, Baggett is very active within freedom politics, volunteering her time with an organization known as InPower Movement. The group focuses on helping individuals understand they have dominion, instead of asserting their rights. “This is very connected to the Bible and the knowledge of who you are,” asserted Baggett. “It’s about holding individuals in positions of power accountable for harm caused.”

According to Baggett, the InPower Movement has four areas of focus: 5G, mandatory vaccination, smart meters, and geo-engineering. “We go through a paperwork process to hold these individuals accountable, and we start billing them if they are causing harm,” stated Baggett.

Baggett also works closely with The Prep Den, a group with a focus of “preparing for what the future will bring by building a plan that includes knowledge, connections, supplies, and services.”

Baggett practices acupuncture through her Mosaic Healing Arts business, and promotes her Evoke Collection of acrylic paintings via art shows, private showings, and at the Dream Believe Manifest’s suite located inside the Atrium professional building in Hayden.

Brooke Baggett speaks to the Kootenai Journal about her new love of acrylic painting, providing pain relief with the practice of acupuncture, and her political activism in the freedom arena on Saturday, December 9, 2023.