5 Patriot Front Defendants Now Considered “Wanted” After Failing to Appear for Court Date

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Since September 2022, a total of 5 Patriot Front members have now been placed on Idaho’s Wanted List. The 5 members include:

  • Graham Jones Whitson (32 y.o.) from Haslet, TX.
  • Connor Patrick Moran (24) from Watauga, TX.
  • Jared Michael Boyce (28) from Springville, UT.
  • James Julius Johnson (37) from Concrete, WA
  • Derek Joseph Smith (24) from Sioux Falls, SD.

In total, 31 Patriot Front have been charged with “Misdemeanor Conspiracy to Riot” after being interdicted by local law enforcement while riding in the back of a U-Haul van during last June’s Pride in the Park event.

It remains to be seen whether the remainder of the Patriot Front defendants will show up for their court date.

Factoids about Patriot Front:

  • Patriot Front is a white nationalist group that formed in the aftermath of the 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.
  • Patriot Front has collaborated with other white supremacist organizations, including Identity Evropa and the American Identity Movement.
  • Patriot Front’s membership is estimated to be around 1,000 individuals spread across multiple states in the United States.
  • There is a general consensus among conservatives that Patriot Front is likely an opposition-controlled group used by Leftist political operatives to smear conservatives.

Kootenai County judge issues arrest warrants for 5 members of the white nationalist group