NIC: Meeting Scheduled Tomorrow at the Kootenai Government Building

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North Idaho College has scheduled a special meeting tomorrow at 6:00pm. Unlike previous meetings, this one will be held at the Kootenai County Government building where the DMV is located.

The agenda for the meeting is on the NIC website.

The meeting seems to revolve around something called the “Macomber Report”. It is assumed this is Art Macomber’s legal investigation into Swayne’s contract, however, since legal documents are exempt from Idaho’s public record laws it is anyone’s guess.

Several noteworthy agenda items:

  • Action/Discussion: Board Accreditation Response Questions Gregory McKenzie. NWCCU will be visiting the NIC campus in two days, and the Trustees need to submit responses to a questionnaire.
  • Action/Discussion: Board Response to Unauthorized Distribution of Macomber Report – Censure Trustee Corkill. Trustee Brad Corkill seems to have leaked the Macomber Report. This is illegal based on Idaho’s laws regarding handling of legal documents by a governmental body.
  • Action/Discussion: Board Response to Macomber Report on Investigation of Dr. Swayne’s Contract. There is some likelihood that the public will find out what the Macomber Report contains as the Trustees will publicly deliberate on what the college’s next steps will be in light of the findings.
  • Action/Discussion: Discussion and Vote Regarding Curing of Possible Open Meeting Violation at June 22, 2022 Board Meeting regarding “Action: Selection of President” and Follow-on Decisions Stemming from That Violation. This agenda item follows the legal saga between the NIC Trustees, the appointed trustees in 2022, and Judge Cynthia Meyer who has been presiding over court proceedings involving the college. This agenda item could go in several directions but the future of NIC could well hinge on this agenda item.
  • Action/Discussion: Board Reserving State Statute Rights. It is unclear what this agenda item entails.
  • Action/Discussion: Discussion and Vote Regarding Curing Open Meeting Violations that Occurred in November and December of 2022 (Emails between Trustee McKenzie, Trustee Banducci, Trustee Waggoner, and Art Macomber). Last week, CDAPress covered a story that suggests 3 trustees violated Idaho Open Meeting Laws, and the issue will be on the table for the trustees to cure the violation if necessary.