Hayden Urban Renewal Seeking to Expand District

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The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency (HURA) voted on Monday to recommend that City Council expand Hayden’s urban renewal district. The maximum the district is allowed to expand is 70 acres.

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  • In the May 8, 2023 HURA meeting, the HURA board voted to recommend district expansion to the Hayden City Council.
  • The motion to approve the communication was made by Steve Meyer and approved unanimously by the board — which includes Hayden City Council Member Matt Roetter.
  • Welch-Comer is a civil engineering firm that’s a favorite among the City of Hayden, and frequently wins bids on contracts.
  • Interestingly enough, Melissa Cleveland is executive director for HURA but she’s also simultaneously employed as a Project Manager at Welch-Comer.
  • Hayden City Mayor Scott Forrsell, City Council Members Ed DePriest, Matt Roetter, and Roger Saterfiel seem to maintain a very genial attitude towards HURA’s recommendations. It seems likely that Hayden City Council will vote to expand the district.

Hayden Urban Renewal Seeking to Expand District

The Hayden Urban Renewal Agency had a change in leadership in January 2023 after the resignation of board chairman John Young in December 2022 due to a potential violation of state code. However, HURA’s plans do not seem to have changed since then.