County Commissioners Put “Open Spaces” Bond on November Ballot

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The Kootenai County Commissioners have approved a bond that will go on the November 2023 ballot. The $50MM bond will be used to purchase large parcels of “open land” from willing sellers with the stated intent to alleviate demand on municipal services like water, and sewer. The county created a new website containing various informational resources for the public at

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🗳️ Kootenai County voters to decide on $50 million bond on November 2023 ballot. It is being called the “Open Space and Park Development Bond.”

🏞️ Bond aims to secure public open space and recreational amenities in the county.

💧 Preservation of open spaces will preemptively curb housing development in Kootenai County, and ensure demands on the acquifier and sewer services will be more predictable.

💰 The bond is estimated to raise property taxes $30/year per $500,000 of assessed value.

Kootenai County to float $50M open spaces bond

Kootenai County voters will decide in November whether to approve a $50 million bond meant to secure public open space on the Rathdrum Prairie and other parts of the county