An Unholy Alliance Between Left and Right Antagonists

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Letter to the Editor

How can we hope to win against the left, the statists, the globalists – however you want to label them – without first cleaning our own house? Idaho is a one-party state and the left is entrenched within the Republican Party.

The right uses the same tactics the left uses, but against our own side instead of against the left. We suppress uncomfortable and harsh debate in the name of civility, pseudo compassion, “Christian” niceties, and political correctness.

It’s clear by now that the progressive left only cares about first amendment rights to speech and association when they can weaponize or manipulate the circumstances to further their agenda. But the ideological Christian purists on the right are no better, and when the two sides beat the same drum to target an individual or group, it turns into a disgusting display of hypocrisy. Toss in petty, ego driven activism on social media, and meaningful and actionable debate ends.

Thus is the state of things for a local family man. The progressive left antagonist making a stink on X (formerly Twitter) and the Christian purist antagonist shrieking into an echo chamber on Telegram. It’ll come as no surprise that both are women, and both fail to see where their illogical and narrow minded interpretation of the first amendment leads. Logic and sound reasoning are spurned, especially if presented by a man. The women are so used to being able to cow a man into silence, the tantrums they throw when one stands up to their idiocy is a sight to behold.

For a little added flavor, the algorithms of social media have warped both women’s grasp on reality, giving them a dopamine hit whenever an acolyte regurgitates their talking point or “likes” their latest rant.

So what is the family man’s crime? He participated in a political rally, and for that he is labeled a villain without redemption. The leftist antagonist has been holding meetings across the state, propagating her warped perception and trying to tie other people to the “crime” of guilt by association. While the ideological right antagonist has been riling up emotional fervor to intimidate anyone claiming to be a conservative from doing business with him, going so far as to create a PowerPoint presentation full of assumptions and wild tangents in a desperate attempt to manufacture “evidence” of … well, of association, which is not a crime. There are accounts of the man’s friends being doxxed and harassed by both sides, as well as targeted campaigns against his wife who is simply trying to raise her young children.

The right claims the mantel of forgiveness but only if it meets their false standards. Though I disagree with this man’s past activities as they appear, I believe there is room to let him start afresh and help our cause, a clearly undefined and confused cause.

Why should you care? Simple. If these women are allowed to relentlessly target others and successfully squelch the rights to speech and association of a local family man, what’s to stop them from doing the same to you? History tells us time and time again what happens when these weak and hypocritical people silence speech they don’t like.

In addition to all of that, the local party that claims the mantel of conservatism, appears to be only interested in optics, entertainment, self-aggrandizement, and virtue signaling. Giving thousands upon thousands of donated dollars directly into our worst enemies hands each year, and thinks wasting time and energy on meaningless resolutions will somehow change things for the better.

To make matters worse, we can’t even agree on what conservatism even means. Ask any ten “conservatives” what conservatism means and you’ll get ten different answers. We hang on to bastardized ideals and institutions for our own conveniences, whether or not they are good for the future prosperity of a free America.

In this chaos and confusion, how can we, the people who claim to be patriots and conservatives hope to present an organized, coherent front to handle any of the issues we face? Under these circumstances, I would contend that America and its founding principles are already destroyed. We are only waiting on the final solution.

“It’s not pain that breaks us; it’s what we do to avoid pain that destroys us.” Alpharius

Prove me wrong.

by J. Clayton of Kootenai County