Stop Giving Bad Journalism the Benefit of the Doubt

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Our community has suffered from agenda driven reporting on nearly every single issue, cherished institution, and local public figure for years. Those in North Idaho who wish to usher in Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” have been supported, encouraged, and amplified by local media sources.

Facts be damned.

Granted, it is extremely difficult to present factual information without bias for the community to judge for themselves the state of affairs. It takes a thorough understanding of many significant factors to present the big picture view of events, side-by-side with relevant and pertinent details of current actions. It takes diligence and a commitment to truth. These are some of the reasons the current established media hasn’t shown any interest in good journalism.

But the overarching reason is that our local media sources are no different than the national established media. They have an agenda, and they push their agenda under the guise of “news reporting.”

When it comes to cherished institutions like our community college, the pervasive narrative is that our conservative community must embrace progressive policies, including expansive diversity, equity and inclusion ideology. The “love lives here” mantra has been vomited all over the campus for years, with no end in sight. The trade programs, which are the backbone of a community college, have been relegated to the back seat while critical race theory has been woven into the fabric of nearly every single program. Those who embrace the principles and values of past generations are vilified and targeted by left-leaning agitators when they dare to speak out.

When it comes to our community library network, local media sources take on the persona of an illusionist. Using smoke and mirrors, they intentionally hide the facts about objectionable filth peddled to impressionable and vulnerable children. The scope of the audacious and blatant lies is actually rather stunning. There is zero excuse for a book that gives detailed instructions to a young girl on how to pleasure a boy with her mouth to be available in the children’s section of a public library. Yet these types of books are defended by a few activists, some of who are librarians, as “sex education,” and the media perpetuates the false narrative. In my schooling years, sex education material focused on the biological changes during puberty, communicable diseases, functions of reproductive organs, and hygiene. It certainly did not give children instructions for how to perform sexual acts of any kind.

When it comes to events put on by small private organizations, local media sources twist the optics to make it appear as if there is wide-spread support of the alternative lifestyles and progressive collectivism. The same media sources refuse to report on big events hosted by organizations aligned with the community’s conservative majority.

Why do they fail to cover the events that the majority of the community supports, while amplifying the events that undermine our culture and values?

It all boils down to this – our community has been repeatedly harmed by local media sources agenda driven “news reporting” and obfuscation of reality.

When you read news articles and investigative reports in the Kootenai Journal, you will find the journalism is remarkably different from what you are used to reading. While thought provoking and sometimes controversial opinion pieces will be published, the news reporting will remain focused on relevant, factual information. The intent is to give the community the ability to objectively review what is taking place so that they can think for themselves and make their own decisions. Since truthful information will not be hidden or warped in our reporting, there may be times it is unfavorable to popular elected officials or trusted institutions, and it may challenge a reader’s preconceived beliefs.

You deserve nothing less than the truth, and nothing but the truth.