The Cost of Reclaiming North Idaho College from Radical Ideology

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There is a concerted effort by the establishment in education and media arenas to misconstrue the issues surrounding North Idaho College. 

The latest endeavor is to focus solely on a few line items in a massive budget – a budget that does more to line the pockets of woke, ideologically-driven, Biden-voting leftists whose aim is to rewrite history and indoctrinate young minds than provide a means by which individuals can learn skill sets to better provide for themselves.

Make no mistake – there is a cost to reclaiming our cherished institutions and young minds from radical, progressive ideologies like critical race theory, social emotional learning, transgenderism, reverse racism, and diversity, equity and inclusion.

The cost is more than just the black and white figures on a spreadsheet. The cost includes the erosion of trust between anyone claiming the mantle of educator or journalist and the community they purport to serve.

The sudden obsession with fiscal responsibility from the same crowd who applauds the socialist Idaho Launch Program which is set to shell out $75 million to pay the training costs for big business is nothing short of nauseating. Where’s the concern for the taxpayers in this obscene corporate handout? Instead, the education and media industries champion the program that treats students as chattel for wealthy corporations. The people who are raging about “poor fiscal responsibility” at the college are sanctimonious hypocrites spinning a narrative to bash their political opponents. 

Take note that there has been no cost analysis to the implementation and continuance of diversity programs that have completely consumed the courses and culture on campus. There has been no cost analysis of what three state-appointed trustees did when they executed several real estate deals and signed an outrageous contract that strips the board of the ability to govern by majority consensus. This is because they have no interest in exposing the reality that woke ideology and anti-American rhetoric is alive and well at North Idaho College via the far-left professors and administrators who have controlled the college for some time now.

The effort to restore North Idaho College to a true educational institution focused on trades and the promotion of American values will not come without cost.

The left will have it no other way.