Dan Wilson (Courtesy of Dawna Wilson)

Dan Wilson Announces Candidacy for Kootenai County Sheriff

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Dan Wilson recently announced he is running for election against incumbent Sheriff Robert “Bob” Norris in Kootenai County.

According to the news release, Wilson held an event on December 6, 2023, where he stated, “As your Sheriff, I commit to secure your natural rights to life, liberty, and property and to do so with equal protection under the law where we do not see race, gender, political views, income status, or any other delineator of people. We are all created equally under God.”

The release continued by stating, “Inspired by the current sheriff’s lack of vision, leadership, and failure to plan for future events, Dan said, ‘I didn’t want to run for sheriff. I had a conviction to run for the office and it was my duty to respond to that conviction.’”

When elected to the Office of Sheriff of Kootenai County, Wilson says his priorities will include the protection of our county from the illegal invasion at our southern border. He will also be implementing a posse of vetted citizens to support the sworn peace officers of the county and do what’s necessary to protect our county’s residents from the overreach and abuse of our citizens.

Wilson also believes that there are obvious priorities that the sheriff should always uphold on behalf of the people in their county. Wilson states that, “Upholding and protecting a citizen’s constitutional second amendment rights shouldn’t even be up for discussion. Any politician that still thinks he can court the people by claiming something that’s already engrained in his character, is bloviating nonsense. ‘Shall not be infringed’ is final. The sheriff should not get a pat on the back for a minimal requirement, which is you know, upholding people’s constitutional rights to defend themselves from all foreign and domestic threats.”

While some might think that Wilson’s priorities minimize other pressing items such as the fentanyl crisis and property crimes, the reality is he recognizes that important issues such as illegal immigration and human trafficking is what’s driving the drug and homelessness epidemic on the local level. The sheriff’s office will continue to work with our local and regional law enforcement partners to unify and combat all these issues that attempt to deprive people of life, liberty, and property.

Wilson states that, “I am looking forward to working with all Police Chiefs in Kootenai County, realizing that they each have individual areas of expertise, experience, and wisdom to provide in the common mission of serving and protecting Kootenai County.”