Dr. Renata Moon shows that the medical information sheet for the mRNA injection was intentionally left blank on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, in Washington, DC.

Dr. Renata Moon Warns Against the Loss of Free Speech

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We all have to be very loud and very vocal. Being quiet will lead to the complete loss of freedom for future generations.

Dr. Renata Moon

HAYDEN, IDAHO – Dr. Renata Moon, MD, is trained as a pediatric hospitalist and has cared for thousands of children during her 25-year career. As a first-generation American and member of the medical field, Moon is uniquely qualified to speak to the issues of our time regarding the right to free speech, the coronavirus upset to the medical field, and the mRNA injection for children. She firmly believes that every right given away today is a freedom your child will never know.

Moon grew up in Moscow, Idaho, where her father was a forestry professor at the University of Idaho. Both of her parents hunted and the family would drive all over the back roads of Idaho on the weekends to explore, camp, and hunt. “There probably isn’t a US forest service road I haven’t been on in North Idaho,” shared Moon. “It was a time when everyone had a gun rack with a rifle in their truck and children were simply taught not to touch the rifle until trained.”

In her youth, Moon was taught the value of freedom and to cherish her rights as a citizen.

Her parents fled the communist regime controlling Czechoslovakia in 1964, immigrating legally into the United States, where they later earned US citizenship in 1971. When state governments used coronavirus mitigation policies to shut down the ability for people to move freely, practice their religion, or engage in commerce, Moon says her mother saw a lot of parallels with the practices of the communist government she had escaped from at great personal risk.

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When Moon was eleven years old, she traveled with her mother and sibling to Czechoslovakia and witnessed the electrified barbed-wire fenced border and submachine guns that held her entire extended family captive by their own government. “Really, the entire country was like a concentration camp and the whole time we were there a government handler tailed us.”

“Without papers, people in Czechoslovakia couldn’t do anything, including leave their village,” stated Moon. “You had to check in with the authorities in the next village, if you were able to secure permission to travel.”

Dr. Moon says today’s youth see no problem with having to show papers, and readily give up their rights to gain access to travel, entertainment, and careers. “They do not see how this leads to completely restrictive societies, where the government controls an individual’s choice, bars open debate, and punishes free speech.”

Due to traveling regularly, Moon has seen a concerning trend in airports across the country. Facial recognition software and retina scans once used to track terrorists, are now used to track American citizens. Moon sees a parallel to what the Czech handler did when he tailed her family, but people do not think much about the biological digital tracking since a government agent is not physically following them.

Moon believes if we continue to allow this form of tracking and surveillance, we will be no different than a product with a bar code, and if we disagree with the government they will cut us off from access to goods, services, employment, and travel. “This isn’t far-fetched, it happened to my parents, and the communist government in Czechoslovakia didn’t have much of the technology that’s available today,” asserted Moon.

When the mRNA injection was first introduced as a way to combat Covid-19, the mantra “safe and effective” was being used to push it on children. Moon says she was obligated under the ethics of her profession to share her perspective with what she was experiencing with children. There were dangers to giving the mRNA injection to children, a demographic least affected by Covid-19, and there was little information available that would allow Moon to give parents informed consent.

Because the safety data was concerning from the outset, Dr. Moon never knowingly ordered a Covid-19 shot for any of her pediatric patients.

Dr. Moon spoke about her legitimate concerns with the dangers of the Covid-19 mRNA shots for children at a hearing in Washington DC held by US Senator Ron Johnson. At this national hearing, Moon showed that the package insert for the mRNA injection, which is supposed to be filled with information for physicians and pharmacists to base their medical advice on, was labeled as intentionally blank.

Dr. Moon is now being investigated by the Washington Medical Commission for her anecdotal testimony at this fact finding event held in DC in December 2022. “This Washington State regulatory board is now targeting my free speech at, of all places, a Senate hearing in the US Capitol,” says Moon.

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Moon believes we have a weaponized regulatory system that suppresses the ability of doctors to engage in the healthy and necessary discussions of efficacy and applications of the scientific method. She is very concerned that if government entities which control medical licensing are allowed to shut down discourse on medical products and procedures, then there will be no checks and balances and we will be headed down a very dangerous path.

“If we, as doctors, can’t speak to officials in our own government about the clear and obvious risks of a medical product, then we will continue to see massive harm to society,” cautioned Moon. “Is free speech now completely gone? Being forced to push only one dangerous narrative is unethical. Free speech and open debate are vital if we want to see healthy advances in medicine and science.”

Dr. Moon has a spotless record, with no actions against her medical license in any state and no lawsuits. It was a chairman of a medical school who reported Moon to the Washington Medical Commission, and she asks the community to think, “What does that tell you about our students’ ability to ask questions and have true informed consent discussions with patients?” She now sees physician colleagues waking up to what is happening, but says they are unsure what to do about it and remain fearful of retaliation. 

“All of our freedom is at risk right now, and we will not get it back without effort. Now is the time to push back with our speech and elect the right people. Those who want to take away our rights are using legal means to push out those who still respect our US Constitution. We don’t have America to flee to like my parents did. We are America,” warns Moon.

The Silent Majority Foundation is helping Dr. Moon fight the oppressive power of the government, and she urges all citizens who disagree with what is being done to our freedoms to be very vocal and engaged. Dr. Moon currently practices in locations across the country, as needed.