Sebastian Gorka addresses the Republican party's Lincoln Day celebration at the Coeur d'Alene Resort on Saturday, February 17, 2024. (Photo courtesy of David Reilly).

Former Trump Advisor Tells Idaho Republicans “Evil is Real”

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COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO – The local Republican central committee held their annual fundraising gala on Saturday, February 17, 2024, featuring America First media host and political commentator Sebastian Gorka.

The popular event was sold out and the 700 well-dressed attendees packed into the Coeur d’Alene Resort, with many local legislators, county officials, US Congressman Russ Fulcher, and Idaho GOP Chair Dorothy Moon joining the festivities. The featured raffle items included six firearms ranging in value from a $916 Smith and Wesson AR 5.56 pistol to a $2399 Benelli M4 12-gauge tactical shotgun. “I’ve never been to an event with so many guns,” quipped Gorka. “I feel at home.”

Near the beginning of his speech, Gorka cut to the heart of his message. “Evil walks the earth in the hearts of men,” declared Gorka after sharing the point at which evil was made real to him as an 8-year-old child. The story of his father’s imprisonment and torture at the hands of the secret police in communist controlled Hungary was a poignant moment for the rapt audience. Witnessing the scars left on his father’s body and hearing him recount the two years of solitary confinement and years of hard labor in a coal mine, gave young Gorka the foundational knowledge to understand what transpires when people are subjected to totalitarian government.

Gorka spoke with the Kootenai Journal after the event concluded where he elaborated on a couple of points he spoke about during his keynote address, including his awakening as a child to the existence of evil.

“You don’t have to have that family background,” Gorka stated. “Evil is everywhere. Evil is in this nation, and we are facing a left that denies that, or facilitates it. We have to understand the reality of evil, and we have to face it down every day.”

Given the actions taken by the US Department of Justice (DOJ) against those who entered the Capitol building on January 6, their incarceration without due process, the arrests and prosecutions of peaceful pro-life activists, and the prosecutions against President Donald Trump that has him facing over 900 years in prison, Gorka says he no longer laughs at conservative Americans who say communism is here.

He highlighted the prosecution of Matthew Perna, who entered the halls of Congress through the velvet ropes on January 6, 2021, and left soon after. “He didn’t kill anybody, he didn’t steal anything, he didn’t vandalize anything, and then the DOJ came after him,” Gorka stated before explaining how the terror enhancement added by the DOJ to Perna’s misdemeanor trespass charge proved too much and the young man took his own life. According to Gorka, six other Americans also took their lives after being targeted by the DOJ with January 6 prosecutions, while many more were held for years before arraignment.

Gorka, who served as a senior advisor to President Trump during his first term, believes Trump can correct the course the country is currently on under Biden, however, he stressed the importance of individuals doing their part and that no single individual is going to save the country. “This is our country. We save our county!” Gorka passionately exclaimed.

To validate his belief in Trump’s ability to fix a lot of issues in a short amount of time, Gorka pointed to Trump’s successes, “He secured the border and prevented any new wars from occurring. We had the largest economy the world has ever seen, and he achieved all of that despite the sabotage that he was assaulted with every single day.”

When asked about the difficulties inside the Trump administration, including cabinet positions, Gorka immediately replied, “He had treasonous people.”

As an example of subversion within the Trump administration, Gorka said General Mark Milley should be in the brig for life based on his remarks to the Chinese in Beijing that he would warn them in advance if President Trump was planning military action. “He should be stripped of his four stars, in public, handcuffed and shackled, court martialed, and sent away for life,” asserted Gorka.

Gorka firmly believes America has been uprooted from what the founders intended, where the federal government was meant to be irrelevant in our everyday lives and was only created to handle matters of war and interstate commerce. “Americans decide their sovereignty at the county level, at the township level. That’s America. That’s where our lives are,” said Gorka. “The left stole our nation, not in the White House and the Senate, but in every school board election and every county commissioner election.”

“If you are not running for local office or actively helping somebody who is running for local office, you are working for the Democrats,” Gorka stated. “It’s that simple.”

Gorka told the audience that Democrats have been cheating in elections since the 1960s and finds it mind boggling that we laugh and make jokes about dead people voting. He also stated the primary reason to champion another Trump term is that he cannot be elected to a third term, so there will be no need to compromise with the left about anything. “He can come into that stinking cesspit I work in, with a flamethrower in each fist and burn the corruption to the ground,” Gorka proclaimed.