Dan Rose

Dan Rose Announces Independent Run for Idaho Senate

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SANDPOINT, Idaho – In a recent press release, Dan Rose announced the launch of an Independent candidacy for the position of State Senate, Legislative District 1.

Rose said he is running for Idaho State Senate to represent the people of North Idaho, not the Boise bureaucrat interests. “I have a proven record of public service and integrity in promoting conservative principles to LD1,” stated Rose. “I have a wonderful wife, Kathy, whose liberty and conservative principles underpin her 9 years of quiet BCRWI and BCRCC community service, which is a value added conservative support condition that neither Woodward, nor Johnson can claim.”

Rose recognizes the condition of not wanting to split the Republican vote three ways in the primary election, “I intentionally decided to run a campaign as an independent candidate to avoid a primary vote splitting impact.” However, he said a three way race in the general election is an entirely different circumstance.

The release also stated that Rose recognizes the Democrat strategy being employed between the “two Democrat’s in the LD1 Senate race.”

“Johnson is a self-admitted Democrat and Woodward had a distinctive and unimpressive senator voting record, on par with Democrat peers in his prior years of senate service,” asserted Rose.

Rose calls on his Independent challenger, Johnson, to write publicly that, like Rose, he will not withdraw from the general election ballot regardless of who is determined the “republican” primary winner. Rose continued, “I have disfavor with both “Republican” primary candidates which will be brought forward, at the appropriate time, after the primary election.”

“I’ve stated many times, the pain is not yet great enough.” Rose believes changes will appear before North Idahoans in 2024, including “an international Central Bank Digital Currency system akin to economic slavery, multiple front wars, indirect US support of Gazan genocide, a domestic border invasion, inflation, loss of medical sovereignty, election fraud, federal abuse of power against state and individual rights, and a loss of representational trust in elected officials.” Rose believes these issues weigh heavily on the required political discussions for the Fall 2024 election “if we are to preserve valued liberties and freedoms.”

Rose says his elected and principled representation is proven. “I have neither waivered to corrupt AG advise, nor been silenced by self-serving peers, lobby and/or PAC donations which might violate my elected trust, and the plain reading of the Idaho Constitution and subordinate statutes, where applicable.”

The release included that Rose was an elected trustee with the Pend Oreille Hospital District from 2017-2023, as well as a precinct committeeman for the Republican central committee in his county from 2016-2024. He has been a chief poll judge for Bonner County elections, is a member of the Safety Peace Officers Retired to Sandpoint (SPORTS) and a member of the Constitutional Sheriff Peace Officer Association (CSPOA). Additionally, he holds a B.S. in Finance and Investment and a M.A. in Criminal Justice. Rose is a veteran, which included deployment to a foreign theater of war (1990-91), attaining the enlisted rank of Staff Sergeant and the commissioned rank of Captain. His son Bryce currently serves with the 2nd Infantry Division, JBLM-WA, presently in Thailand.