Steven Bradshaw

Elected Official Accuses a County Employee of Perjury in an Open Meeting

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SANDPOINT, Idaho – During a Bonner County Board of Commissioner meeting on April 9, 2024, Commissioner Steve Bradshaw made on unexpected comment that appears to publicly accuse a county employee of perjury.

“For those of you who read Saturday’s paper, said that I have threatened Miss Williams. I want to tell you right now that that’s a lie straight out of the pits of hell,” Bradshaw stated. “Mr. Jostlein [Bonner County Risk Manager] never heard me threaten Miss Williams. He lied under oath.”

“Mr. Jostlein lied and may have been financially motivated.” Bradshaw went on to allege. He alluded to a scenario that Jostlein’s testimony was part of a quid-pro-quo for him to be promoted to the position of property manager.

Chairman Luke Omodt allowed the disruption to go on for almost two minutes before Bradshaw was brought back to the meeting agenda.

Last August, Commissioner Asia Williams filed for a temporary retraining order after growing hostilities and an alleged threat made by Bradshaw to shoot Williams. At the original evidentiary hearing, Judge Julian ruled in Williams favor, issuing a civil protection order for one year. Bradshaw is required to stay 300 feet from Williams with the exception that he can attend commissioner meetings, but he cannot possess any firearms or other weapons on county property and shall submit to searches to verify the absence of weapons.

On January 12, 2024, Bradshaw unexpectedly arrived at an Idaho Association of Counties (IAC) meeting held in Coeur d’Alene. The violation of the protection order prompted Kootenai County sheriff’s deputies to charge him with a misdemeanor under Idaho §39-6312.

Bradshaw is currently seeking the Republican nomination for Bonner County Sheriff in the May primary election. On April 5, 2024, Bradshaw was back in court for a protection order modification, asking for a dismissal and describing it as detrimental to his campaign. Judge Julian denied the request. Williams also asked for the order to be extended until the end of the term of office. Her request was also denied. The protection order remains in place as originally ordered.