Stop the Sagle Bike Park

Letter to the Editor

By Jeffery Stephens of Sagle, Idaho

The Daily Bee made a Facebook post so I obliged with some wit and now I have been suspended from the Sandpoint Local Forum Facebook Group.

This commercial downhill bike park in our small rural residential neighborhood is the equivalent of eating chocolate ice cream with onions in it.

Congratulations Bonner County Planning and Zoning Department for opening up every rural neighborhood for commercial businesses of the next wealthy clown to pursue his pet project. What’s next, a carnival?

Small-town swampy unelected bureaucrats making decisions for the entire county with no accountability. Sounds like the same swampy DC politics too. We really appreciated Sandpoint Mayor’s veil threats at the hearing. So much for the agreement that Bonner County made when they adopted the Comprehensive Plan. I can remember when trust in Public Service was a thing.

Since property rights is a thing, I am trying to decide whether to put a Blue Tick Hound Kennel or Night Vision Rifle range 300 feet from the campsite.

The war is not over. #appeal