Defund the Left

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Keep Right – Column by Ralph K. Ginorio

Today’s Leftists parasitically draw their power from those whom they wish to destroy. Free citizens living under the rule of law provide all of the resources needed to fund these would-be revolutionaries. Without our enterprise, they would be powerless to do anything other than whinge.

Loyal Americans willingly pay taxes in order to maintain society. The public sector is truly indispensable. Most of us appreciate every benefit provided to us by dedicated public servants such as police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians.

However, many public institutions have been politicized and turned against the very people they are sworn to serve and protect. Our institutions have been infiltrated and subverted by ideologues who hate the West. Unless all of these public institutions are examined to identify and purge their subversive elements, our most urgent danger will henceforth come from within.

This sounds so daunting. After decades of political correctness, can we still distinguish between ideas and practices that build freedom from those dedicated to its destruction? Will we who are so divided be willing to come together around that core of traditions which granted us liberty in the first place?

To do so, we shall need to slough off the pervasive moral relativism that has heretofore blighted all efforts to stoke a shared pride in that what unites us as Americans. What defines the USA has made us a “shining city on a hill,” an exceptional model of human freedom, an inspiration to all who crave liberty around the world. These common threads are far more significant than anything which divides us!

In the heat of our endless disputations, our unwillingness to make common cause behind distinctly recognizable American ideals is exploited by enemies as diverse as “Queers for Palestine” and the Chinese Communist Party.

Locally, this division is expressed by the fervor with which the North Idaho Republicans decry the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. Fools! Our common interests should trump any petty differences between us. We Republicans should struggle to improve KCRCC, not make common cause with those Marxists and their Fellow Travelers of the Donkey Party.

In the larger struggle, we can defund contaminated institutions and root out the enemies of freedom within them.

No business with a Diversity-Equity-Inclusion mission should be patronized. Boycott DEI, from the productions of Woke Hollywood to the products of Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corporation.

Divest from anyone practicing Environmental-Social-Governance priorities. This ESG collusion, to abandon the separation of powers within government and between government and business, must be stopped.

No college or university that colludes with Communist, Islamist, or other anti-Western enemies should continue to be endowed privately nor funded publicly. Donors and taxpayers should starve these institutions of funds until they wither and die, or until they abandon indoctrination and resume education.

Most of all, we must awaken to the threat posed by the rise of our own Secret State Police within our national intelligence community. The burgeoning GESTAPO within our CIA, FBI, and military-industrial complex has taken it upon themselves to monitor and manipulate our political process, guiding it towards what they deem optimal. Those espiocrats who have been entrusted to use illicit means to protect our Republic are now acting like a Praetorian Guard
who will select our next Emperor.

This is why evidence was planted in Mar-A-Lago by our Department of Justice, why propagandized tampered “evidence” was published by FBI investigators, why the CIA is operating against its charter within the United States, and why the very same “crimes” that Trump is accused of are repeatedly forgiven when perpetrated by Democrats.

I hate it that our own intelligence agencies now pose a grave threat to our ongoing freedoms. I still admire rank-and-file agents, but I no longer trust their leadership; not since they determined that the American people’s 2016 election of Donald Trump must be reversed by reason or by force.

Our national and state permanent bureaucracy, once apolitical, has now taken sides against Conservatives. These bureaucracies must be eliminated wholesale, much like the new Argentine President Javier Milei is doing.

This call to defund the Left is not without caveats.

We must purge the Fifth Columnists from our institutions because of their illegitimate actions and not because of their unpopular thoughts. Deeds are criminal, not the words and thoughts behind them.

We must balance our genuine need for a secret intelligence service against the transgressions of this generation of politicized espiocrats. DOJ, FBI, CIA and the others must be restructured so that institutional partisanship will be treated as treasonous.

The final line of defense to protect our Constitutional freedoms has always been an awakened and responsible citizenry. That’s us.

We need not flinch from doing our duty because it is difficult. Freedom is always more challenging than slavery, because it requires us to think for ourselves.

We must and can reclaim our Constitutional freedoms from the corruption of those whom we entrusted to protect it. Otherwise, we cannot remain at liberty.