Local Non-profit Receives $5,000 Donation

Kia Daveydenko presents Mark Martinez with $5,000 donation for CROP Ministries.
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Press Release from CROP Ministries

CROP Ministries, a local non-profit, has received a donation of $5,000 from Five Star Painting of CDA.

“We are thrilled to support the mission of CROP,” says Kia Daveydenko, owner of Five Star Painting of CDA. “Every person I know wishes there was a program like this when we were young.”

“CROP is a Christian Rite of Passage program, for families with 11-15 year old’s,” says CROP founder Mark Martinez. “We’ve seen great results. The teens demonstrate more honor and obedience to their parents, they personally own their Christian faith, and they stay away from making poor decisions which can derail their life.”

Martinez says the funds will be used to provide tuition scholarship for local families to participate in the program who otherwise could not afford it, as well as help to fund the plans for national expansion this year.

CROP Ministries can be reached at by email at info@cropministries.org and by phone at 208-660-7096.