North Idaho Man Convicted of Possessing Child Pornography Granted Probation

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Press Release from Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office

George Kevin Nolan, 49, was convicted of 3 counts of Sexual Exploitation of a Child by Possession or Access of Sexually Exploitative Material (Child Pornography). While undercover detectives were monitoring peer-to-peer networks, they learned that Nolan was in possession of child pornography between May and July of 2023. After obtaining a search warrant, officers searched Nolan’s home and computer and located over 2,000 images – including videos – of child pornography. Some of the videos depicted prepubescent girls being digitally, orally, vaginally, and anally raped by adult men as well as a prepubescent girl masturbating herself. Sexual Exploitation of a Child by Possession or Access of Sexually Exploitative Material is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Nolan was sentenced on April 18, 2024 by District Judge Richard Christensen.

George Kevin Nolan

Deputy Attorney General Madison Allen recommended concurrent 10 year prison sentences and asked for the sentences to be imposed.

Child pornography offenses occur in the shadows, making it difficult to apprehend perpetrators like Nolan who take measures to hide their identities. Thus, it is especially important for judges to impose sentences sufficient to deter this clandestine criminal conduct. A noncustodial sentence (probation) in a child pornography case will almost always be insufficient to account for general deterrence. In an effort to help judges appreciate how serious these cases are, and in an effort to assist judges in giving an appropriate sentence, prosecutors will commonly request that a sentencing judge view the material a defendant is found guilty of possessing. In this case, Deputy Attorney General Madison Allen offered to show Judge Christensen screen shots of the videos Nolan was guilty of possessing; however, Judge Christensen declined to do so.

Judge Christensen issued Nolan concurrent 10 year prison sentences but, instead of sending Nolan to prison, placed him on probation for 4 years.

Prosecuting Attorney Stanley T. Mortensen thanks Madison Allen for prosecuting the case and the Idaho Crimes Against Children task force for investigating the case.