America Is At War

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We, who love the American variant of Western Civilization, are at war. An unlikely assortment of enemies, foreign and domestic, have joined forces to destroy the West. Few realize it. Fewer are willing to face it.

Without a certain urgency, to recognize and name our enemies, plan a defense, and fight, no one who is beset by war can even hope to survive it, let alone triumph. Yet, we cannot seem to bestir our fellow citizens from their dreams of peace.

One reason why this is so, is that the many aspects of this war are only now becoming impossible to ignore. Until now, the worse matters got, the more we seemed to crawl into our cell phones.

Distractions from this war abound. Most of our schools teach innocents to hate America and love perversion. Inflation is destroying the buying power of our dollar. Global supply chains are failing. Food and fuel are being priced out of the reach of tens of millions of Americans. Anarchy is being stoked in regions governed by the Left. 

Our border has become a welcome mat, inviting endless unacculturated Third World peasants to become future Democrat voters. When we need them most, our protectors in the police and military are simultaneously befuddled by the suicidal, professional, groupthink obsession about not seeming to be too harsh, identity politics, and the cult of man-made climate change.

Conventional wars now burn Ukraine and Israel. The threat of war looms over Korea, India, and Taiwan. Red China, facing economic and social collapse, seems determined to take the rest of us down with it by sparking a new World War. 

Our own tools are waking up as Artificial Intelligences. Many cognoscenti seem to be embracing this existential threat to our status as the dominant life form on Earth.

Medical science has turned on the Hippocratic Oath, bringing harm to children with abortion, hormone blockers, and transsexual mutilation for pre-adolescent children. Discretionary cosmetic surgery is advertised to the wealthy, and euthanasia is touted as the solution to everything from old age to mental problems.

Sex roles are confused, sexual identity is denied, families are shattered, and parents are marginalized. Any mention of God is now obscene, and most mainline churches are now led either by communists or fundamentalists. 

Young people have little hope of earning enough to get married, have kids, own a home, and have anything like a middle-class future. Manufacturing has fled overseas, and mechanization denies increasingly more people meaningful work.

Anyone who champions Western traditions is damned as being a hateful and phobic thoughtcriminal. Counterculture has consumed culture.

All of these stresses, and countless more, would, in normal times, inspire political and social action to correct these problems. Our ancestors would have come together to seize the reins of this proverbial runaway stagecoach and bring it under control. Why don’t we?

Many institutions which exist to unify us into more than the sum of our parts are instead being used to actively dismantle our society. All attempts to utilize the entertainment industry, big business, political parties, churches, civic groups, schools, and government to awaken our people, and meet this threat, are viciously suppressed.

In the name of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), schools abandon acculturation. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) policies render organizations that should be the very sinews of our strength into passive observers or active participants in our demise. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) cabals strip our society’s institutional antibodies of even the desire to protect “us” from “them.” 

Instead, in a masochistic impulse to atone for our ancestor’s sin of bringing the world into a modernity with the potential to end hunger and advance universal human rights, we, in the West, are being led to our own self-immolation. Our “best and brightest” have been brainwashed in our most elite universities to engineer and implement the end of America, and of all of Western Civilization.

We are betrayed from within into anarchic dissolution by the most privileged among us. We are beset from without by diverse totalitarianisms. The only thing that these factions detest more than one another is we who are the inheritors of the West. This hatred is what unifies Intersectional Feminism and Islamist Fascism, Antifa and Putin, Academe and Medievalism. 

For the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and all the rest of humanity’s would-be rulers to construct their new millenarian utopia, we who are loyal to the West, must die. This is why we are already at war. We have enemies at home and abroad who are actively working for our utter destruction.

What sane American would want to acknowledge such a depressing reality? Much better for us to live as if we were still in the post-Cold War era, where history had ended and the good guys had won!

Unfortunately, that moment has long passed.  Once again, we everyday Americans will be forced to earn our ongoing freedom and survival through our deeds. 

Much preventable misery will have to be endured because too many of us have ignored our peril for too long. In our slumber, our many enemies have amassed a hideous strength.  We cannot help but pay a terrible price for our distraction.

These are the stakes. Nothing less. The opposite of war is not peace. It is surrender. Either we will fight for everything we hold dear, or we will be unmade.

This urgency is why I am a proud “Extreme MAGA Republican.” It is why I cleave more fully to the KCRCC than to the North Idaho Republicans. It is why I oppose all schemes to defraud voters of their franchise, such as ranked-choice voting.  

This is one reason why my “Keep Right” column is more suited to the Kootenai Journal than it ever was to the Coeur d’Alene Press. This is why I wanted Jim Jordan as House Speaker and, in their turns, Raul Labrador and Janet McGeachin to be Idaho’s Governor. This is why I support Donald Trump, or, failing that, Ron DeSantis, for President.

In times like these, we must exhibit a certain urgency to be brave enough to face evil and make a stand against it. If, and only if, we awaken and fight, then by God’s grace, we have every reason to hope to achieve victory over the present darkness.   

Moderation in the pursuit of Justice is no virtue. Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no vice.

Senator Barry Goldwater

I am here because I agree with Dante, that: ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in a period of moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.

Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.

America’s best days are still ahead.

President Ronald Reagan