Biden Flew 320,000 Illegals Into Undisclosed Cities Across the Country

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Forget about deporting illegal foreign nationals. Not only will Biden fight states like Texas that attempt to stem the horde of illegals crossing over the southern border, but recent reports now show that Biden has been intentionally by-passing the immigration system by directly flying 320,000 illegal foreign nationals into the United States last year alone.

These 320,000 illegal foreign nationals have been flown into forty-three undisclosed locations across the country. The Biden administration claims that any disclosure of the locations would pose a security risk.

A security risk to whom? Telling the American people what their government is doing is not a security risk. It’s called transparency and accountability. To call it a security risk is a not-so-subtle way of calling the American people dangerous and the government in need of protection from the citizens.

Even states like Virginia are reporting that border security is the number one issue of primary voters. Media hosts and commentators on progressive television networks, including Biden’s former press secretary Jen Psaki, mocked these polling results and insinuated that residents in Virginia have no cause to be concerned over border security.

Recently, Elon Musk used his megaphone platform on X to bring attention to Biden’s actions.

It is obvious to anyone who is not a fool that this administration is deliberately importing vast numbers of illegals. No grand conspiracy theory is needed to explain this, just simple incentives: they are far more likely to vote Democrat than Republican. This is why Dems are constantly pushing to legalize illegals and won’t deport them, even when they are arrested for crime, which otherwise seem … I dunno … like an opportune time (shrug emoji). If illegals can beat up American police on camera in Times Square, be released without bail, and get rewarded with free tickets to California, what more do you need to know?”

Elon Musk, on X (formerly Twitter)

On February 28, 2024, Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) spoke on the Senate floor, highlighting numerous Americans who have been raped and/or killed by illegal foreign nationals in recent weeks. “This is happening all across our county,” stated Tuberville, “Every state is a border state.” He asked a rhetorical question: “Where is the outrage?”

“People are going to wake up, and when they do there’s going to be a big change around here,” said Tuberville. He repeated the phrase “nobody cares” several times in reference to administrative officials, Democrats, and members of congress, many of whom have been part of the political machine for decades and done nothing to protect Americans while sending trillions of dollars overseas.

“No matter what you think about President Trump, he actually cares,” declared Tuberville.

Donald J. Trump campaigned on the crisis of illegals in 2016, before anyone in either party bothered to address the issue with any meaningful action. While his administration saw some progress and brought the numbers down significantly, things have only gotten worse since 2016. Anywhere from 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 illegal foreign nationals have been guided and transported into the United States over the past three years, often times by NGOs that are funded by American taxpayers. Conservative estimates place the total number of people living illegally in the United States close to 17 million, which includes those who entered illegally or overstayed their visas and have never been deported, and costs are estimated at $150 billion annually. Keep in mind, tens of thousands of these illegal foreign nationals are military age males from multiple countries, including China.

It is abundantly clear that the rule of law is rapidly unravelling as a direct result of Biden’s dereliction of duty to the American people and importation of millions of people from other countries. When it comes to securing the border and enforcing immigration laws, it will take a massive and coordinated effort to undo what Biden has done to America.

This crisis will effect all Americans directly, it’s only a matter of time. As Tuberville asked, “Where is the outrage?”