Jim Woodward Is “Faking It”

Letter to the Editor

It’s Easter, it’s beautiful outside; seems like a great day to sit on my back porch and write a letter to the editor concerning the ongoing problem in our state with Democrats and liberal “conservatives” running as Republicans. In a heavily Biblical and traditional region of the U.S., it’s no secret that for a long time now, moderate and radical liberal individuals alike seeking public office have known they need to “fake it ’til they make it,” running under the banner of a false political identity. Having an R next to your name is the way they have known they can get elected, so they play the part; handshakes, smiles, church attendance and all, lying to both Christians and actual Conservatives alike, when their ideals, beliefs and voting records are far from the same as the vast majority of the culture here.

Jim Woodward is one among many. While being touted as “the nice guy,” he wins over voters with his charm and down to earth mentality. There is nothing wrong with this at all. Someone running for a position in public leadership needs to be good with people. What is wrong is the fact that he pretends to be something he’s not to win voters over. The examples go on and on, but a more recent incident was an abortion rights meeting at Bluebird Bakery. Jim Woodward attended, spoke at, and handed his campaign buttons and literature out, at said event. I have the photos to prove it. The others there were staunch abortion activists, one even holding up a sign that read: “abortion is healthcare.” Woodward was there appealing to his base of Democrats and Progressives who know who he actually is and who he’s backed by: the Abortion Industry, the Democrat Party, and Big Pharma. I encourage every true Conservative and Republican to vote their values.

Let’s keep the phonies like Woodward out.

By Jason Brenneman of Spirit Lake