Bronze Rider summits Kellogg Peak at 6,297 feet.

538 Riders Compete in Endurocross at Silver Mountain

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KELLOGG, Idaho – Endurocross enthusiasts from around the world poured into Kellogg, Idaho for the third annual Silver Kings Hard Enduro. The three-day racing event took place from Thursday, June 27 to Saturday on Silver Mountain Resort’s property.

Trystan Hart, a decorated pro rider from Canada, took first place in the pro class and won the overall competition, being crowned the “Silver King” for his second year in a row. Hart was one of only three racers in the pro class who completed the final 3-lap race in the allotted 5-hour time. 

Runner-ups Ryder Leblond and Will Riordan respectively were roughly 22 minutes and 33 minutes behind Hart’s winning time of 6 hours, 31 minutes and 26.55 seconds. Overall results were calculated by adding the times of the two off-road races for the Gold and Silver classes.

Scoring was based on completing three laps of the course in the quickest amount of time. James Stearns, the event’s organizer with Inside Enduro, explained that due to the nature of Enduro races’ rough terrain, results must be based on time.

“It’s all about hours,” Stearns said. “You can have a mile on I-90 or you can have a mile here. They’re a lot different.”

The event had several class divisions, including Gold for pro riders, Silver for A class and pro women, and Bronze for remaining riders, including youth ages 12-15. Riders personally registered in the class appropriate for their skill level. All racers competed in a prologue lap to determine starting placement for their two off-road races.

In each of the event’s five off-road races, the riders followed a new track every time across Silver’s rugged terrain, which included hill climbs, loose rock, tree roots, and narrow single tracks. Two active chairlifts gave spectators access to different checkpoints across the mountain.

Colton Haaker took first place for the second year in a row in the Thursday night Street Rhythm, a tournament which determined the starting order for the Gold/Silver main races. The top racers of the prologue were admitted to the race, which took place in the city of Kellogg on a 300-foot track composed of logs, concrete dividers, and large tires.

Participants in the Street Rhythm were the 24 fastest riders from the gold division and the top 12 from the silver division. The top 3 riders also enjoyed a share of the $6,000 prize money.

The street Rhythm was preceded by a parade through the streets of Kellogg and nearby Wardner. The procession was led by Stearns driving a military vehicle and included both competitors and any riders who wanted to join. 

The event initially lacked any official information on the races’ format, maps of the different courses, and process of determining the overall winner. A communication was eventually issued on the evening of day 2 through the Sportity app which clarified the competition’s format. Reviews of the event on its results website criticized the event’s organization and untimely updates.

Enduro, short for endurance, is a type of off-road motorcycle race that has riders traverse difficult terrain and obstacles. The sport has significant popularity in Europe and North America, with series’ like the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship and the AMA US Hard Enduro hosting events across the world. 

According to Stearns, Silver Kings’ 538 registered racers makes the competition “by far the biggest US Hard Enduro in the county.”

Silver Kings Hard Enduro recently announced its partnership with WESS Promotion GmbH, the promotional group behind the FIM Hard Enduro World Championship. While the Silver Kings event is not currently scheduled for this series, this is the plan according to WESS, which “is ultimately looking to strengthen its position in North America.”

The event’s sponsors included Toyota, Klim, 509, Hammer Nutrition, and Gold Creek Lodge, a local resort on the south-end of Lake Pend Oreille in Lakeview. The lodge takes guests on guided dirt bike tours of the surrounding Coeur d’Alene and Kaniksu national forests.